No matter which discipline you choose to take up as part of your higher studies curriculum, one thing is for certain – you will have to write a thesis paper on it. And this is not an easy task, considering how lengthy and complicated these papers can be. That is why a lot of students prefer to buy dissertations online rather than attempt it themselves. But the truth is, once you begin writing the paper, you understand just how methodical the whole thing is. You simply need a bit of guidance regarding the direction of the paper and the style, and you’re good to go. While you need to approach someone who has sufficient knowledge of the academic subject for thesis writing help, the five tools mentioned below can help you edit the paper and determine the correct style of writing:

  • Docear
  • This is a free, open source literature management tool that is specially designed to cater to the needs of thesis writers. What it does is help you discover, organize, and create academic papers of your choice. Docear has a unique user interface that enables you to sort annotations and documents while simultaneously viewing different annotations of different documents. You also get access to other tools like mind mapping, pdf management, and a recommendation system that connects users with new literature chosen specifically for their thesis subject. Docear is supported on a variety of platforms, and speeds up the thesis writing process.

  • SpellCheckPlus
  • SpellCheckPlus is different from any other spelling tool used by a thesis writer. Not only does this program correct your errors, but it organizes them to separate categories. There is a free version available which despite lacking some extra features, does a great job of providing feedback to improve the quality of your thesis paper. You will also notice a distinct improvement in your grammar and writing when you use this tool. All in all, SpellCheckPlus is more than just an editing tool; it is a teaching tool.

  • BibMe
  • The mere mention of bibliographies can spook even the best dissertation writers. What if there was a way to create works cited pages and generate citations automatically? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Well, BibMe makes it possible. All the user needs to do is choose their style of writing from Chicago, MLA, or APA, and then search for the source from a huge database. Simply click the “Add” button when you’ve made your choice and you have your bibliography ready! The best part about using this powerful tool is that it comes free of cost.

  • MindMup
  • There are times when a student starts to see the bigger picture clearly, and is able to deduce the argument of their thesis clearly. However, when they visit that same train of thought later on, they find out that they cannot recall it no matter how hard they try. MindMup can help with this problem. This is an online mind-mapping canvas that is available to users for free and allows them to represent concepts and ideas visually. What sets MindMup apart from other visualizer tools are its user-friendly design and intuitiveness. This program also plays up the collaborative aspect of PhD thesis writing by enabling users to share their thoughts with others.

  • iA Writer
  • Simplicity is one of the major plus points of this free text editor. Designed without any bells and whistles that can distract from the act of writing, iA Writers allows you to finish your work quickly and efficiently thanks to features like cloud support, focus mode, version control, and metrics. But the tool never shifts focus from the text itself.

The next time you wish to get a custom thesis, try writing your own with the help of these five, free thesis writing tools you can easily find on the Internet.