Perfection is hard to attain but everyone who has every written a thesis has aimed for that elusive goal. If you’re in that position now, these tips may allow you to get closer to being perfect.

Look for great theses to emulate

You can learn a lot from the people who have had to write this type of assignment before you. Read their work and figure out what made it so much better than average. Once you have the answer to that question you can set about doing those same things in your own work. Keep your individuality but learn from the people who are better at things than you are.

Select interesting topics

Boring topics often lead to boring work. You should allow readers to appreciate you as an individual rather than choosing topics that no one wants to read about again.

Read widely in your field

This gives you the advantage of much broader knowledge than your average colleague. Your topic options will be much greater and when you write, you can draw form all of the lesser known but pivotal studies that give you a boost in respectability.

Compare notes with your classmates

You should be trying to compete with yourself rather than others but knowing what level your colleagues are at allows you a better idea of how far you need to reach in your own work. This may be the difference between writing an average paper or a spectacular one.

Speak frequently with your adviser

Nearly all universities assign an academic adviser or supervisor to students who are completing long, intense projects such as theses and dissertations. This person can be a lifeline for you when the work gets overwhelming. They may also be the first to notice when you go off track and can make suggestions to get you back to where you need to be. This benefit can only come to you if you speak to him or her on a regular basis.

Hire help for the finer points

If you have made it into college and still have problems with grammar and/or semantics, perhaps you should hire someone to edit your work on your behalf. This will allow you to submit more professional-looking assignments.

Your thesis is the capstone on your college career. With the right level of attention to detail you can excel at it.